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Chafik is an amateur of Moroccan carpets and specialized in the weaving of beni ouarain. These are carpet that are hand-knotted, made from high quality wool by Berber women of far villages in the mountains, on the side of Azilal and Ait Bougemaz, the “happy valley”, or even towards Ait Bouli the famous sheep valley

For this Meknes native who’s in love with Morocco, its culture and its art of life, the carpet is priceless.

Chafik had a crush for the world of carpeting, after which he abandoned his initial training in carpentry and began to travel all over Morocco, in search of carpets with cachet.

“I buy worn out, aged, faded and sometimes ripped carpets to turn them into patchwork cushions and poufs. This is an activity I started in 2008.

My collections evolved year after year and today are perfectly placed in a decoration in vogue. Because it is necessary to know that the Moroccan carpet is today’s international trend.

My decorative objects bring a touch of exoticism to contemporary spaces or come to warm minimalist and even cold atmospheres. They are the evocation of the trip, the handmade, the elsewhere. In a few years, I have gathered a beautiful collection of this tribal art, which I continue to transform according to my inspiration and the increasing demand of the market.

My creative process is quite simple: I travel every month in the different mountain regions of the Upper and Middle Atlas, to meet the Berber women to whom I hand the patterns I designed myself, and the blends of colors that I wish to put in the same piece. All of this to weave unique carpets. These carpets usually serve as decorative wall hangings. They quickly spread through Europe and the USA.

And so there are two parts to my work: on one hand the objects of decoration or the carpet is diverted, recut, shaped, transformed, mixed, assembled, to create ethnic objects, and on the other hand, the part of the unique piece, allowing the creation of a different carpet each time. Thus, my creativity is expressed in different ways. “